Boost your employees’ well‑being

Tokitus is an innovative platform dedicated to promoting mental health in organizations across the globe.

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We provide an out-of-the-box solution that helps employees manage work-related stress, build more effective interpersonal relationships, and enhance their job performance.

How it works

Request a demo from the team of Tokitus professionals
Together with the team identify the unique needs of your company
Get a customised solution tailored to your company's specific needs
Connect your employees with qualified therapists to enhance their well-being

Partnership benefits

Reduced Health Risks and Future Costs

Promoting mental health in the workplace leads to improved health and productivity.

Higher Team Morale and Prevention of Employee Burnout

Introducing coaching, resilience building, and other morale-boosting techniques.

Increased Productivity

Making essential mindset shifts can greatly enhance efficiency in the workplace.

Low-Stress, High-Performance Culture

Addressing mental health issues helps avoid absenteeism and presenteeism.

Peace of mind for you and your team

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